Singular Sensation
Diamonds of London
Hasting Sisters
Colors of Scandal
Scandal as unforgettable as the women committing it. Read about women who are strong enough to create the lives they want despite the obtacles facing them.
Mary and Bright
Storme Brothers
Three brothers and three cousins are finding their way through life after the deaths of their estranged fathers on a journey fraught with emotions and self-discover and romance.
Willful Winterbournes
Three siblings find love later in life, sometimes in surprising ways during the Regency era.
Lyon's Den
Lords of the Night
Home for the Holidays
A sweet collection of Christmas novellas where four siblings (seasoned characters) find love and romance at Christmastime in the style of Hallmark movies but in a Regency setting.
Fortune and Glory
It's the Victorian period and there's adventure to be had and fortune to discover all over the world, especially if the women are daring.
Thieves of the Ton
Follow the lives of The Earl of Archewyne (Miles) and Lady Emmaline Darling as they solve crimes in Regency, England and all over the world in their capacity as King's agents. And you'll see how their romance matures and unfolds as well as how they expand their family along the way.
Lords of Happenstance
A spinoff series from the Thieves of the Ton, these three men are rugged, adventureous, and daring. Go with them throughout the world as they hunt down treasure and relics before England's enemies find them.
Entwined Tales
Scandalous Shorts
Men of the Marque
Darrington Family
Scandal in Surrey
A collection of spicy Regency-era romances that follow the romances of four women living in Surrey, England