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One Suitor Too Many
(Singular Sensation, Book 8)

If a love is worth remembering, nothing will make it forgotten.

Evan Fairfax, Earl of Baselford, is a man adrift. Five years ago, he lost his memory due to a hunting accident. Suddenly back in London, he stumbles into a ball, disoriented. He sees a woman he vaguely recognizes, and when confusing emotions beset him, he flees to the address scrawled onto a scrap of paper and pinned to his lapel—the Rogue’s Arcade Club. Perhaps they will have the answers he desperately needs.

Lady Vivian Fairfax, the Countess of Baselford, assumed her husband died. After five years, she mourned, finally consigned him to her past, and moved forward with her life, but when the earl comes staggering into their home in the midst of a ball she’s throwing with the man currently courting her, everything changes. She’s immediately besieged with old memories and a love that hasn’t completely faded, but does she want him now that she has a new romance?

Faced with choosing between men is awkward at best, yet she can’t forget the life she had with the earl. Evan might not be able to remember his life, but there is a certain connection between him and Vivian—his wife—and as he learns about himself and what he had before, he wants it again. The trouble is the new suitor as well as the underlying tension and animosity between them. A love for the ages can’t be forgotten but it can be stolen away, and unless Evan and Vivian make a stand, they’ll lose everything.