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An Accidental Countess
(Standalone, Book )

True love doesn’t come from position or status but by the whispers of the heart.

Miss Lavinia Thompson’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses. Being born on the wrong side of the blanket ensures she’s not welcome within the glittering, respectable world of the London ton. Left with little choice, she embraced her status in the demi-monde, content to remain a mistress to whoever would pay the highest price. Until that life dimmed, and she wanted to be accepted for herself.

Percival Hughes, the 12th Earl of Laughton is a powerful man who takes great pride in his title and position within society. Until one night of drunken revelry when he accidentally weds his mistress thinking her his real bride-to-be. As the repercussions of his ill-fated decision rock the ton and shift the foundation of his life, he struggles to make peace with the fact he’s wed to a highly unsuitable woman.

As the days go by, Lavinia and Percival grow close in their marriage of inconvenience. Outings in London with his young daughter form lasting bonds. While the new countess isn’t readily accepted into the beau monde, Percival’s determination to see her legitimate increases, but when forced proximity has romance blooming from desire, they retreat to keep their hearts aloof. To move forward together, they’ll need to rely on trust and love, and perhaps a bit of faith, regardless of what viper-tongued society gossips say.