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The Lady's Daring Gambit
(Diamonds of London, Book 2)

She needs to ferret out his secrets. He’s doing his level best to keep them.

Miss Honor Winslow wants revenge. Her father has been missing since the war with Napoleon ended. Then a week ago, a letter arrived from him asking for help, but it wasn’t signed, and no address had been included. Needing answers, she enlists the help of one of her friends, who has connections to the Home Office. If the old, pompous windbags there won’t listen, she will do the job herself.

All Mr. Gideon McGarrett wants out of life is peace, and at the age of forty, it’s finally within reach. Ready to close his last mission as a spy, the only thing he needs to do is extract a man of high military rank from where he’s hiding near the Scottish border. The one thing that stands in the way of a spotless career is the damned interference of a clever and beautiful woman who isn’t exactly what she’s portrayed.

As Honor cozies up to the handsome spy, she’s not above flirting to extract the information she needs, but as heated awareness springs from forced proximity, that desire becomes distracting. Any thought to romance will need to be revisited later. Danger is afoot as they move onto hostile Scottish land, for others are tracking her father too. If she and Gideon can avoid a deadly assassin as well as untangle the lies they’ve told each other, perhaps they might make a go at a life together, but the odds—and time—are not in their favor.