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Once a Pirate
(Standalone, Book )

It's been nearly a year since Sarah married the fearsome and brooding pirate Captain Westerbrooke. Life has settled into routine on their sugar plantation in the Caribbean, and a part of her misses those exciting, adventurous days of ship life as well as his attentions. Surely being respectable wasn't meant to be so… tame.

Adrian adores his wife. She brings calm and hope to his dark soul. However, being a landlubber and plantation owner can't compare to feeling the wind on his skin and the roll of the sea beneath his feet. Celebrating their first anniversary with a bit of intrigue and scandal seems just the thing to recapture their magic.

A kidnapping ensues. In a remote location on their island, passion rekindles. Captain Westerbrooke shows her he is indeed her lord and master—even in domestication—and he never stopped loving her, because, after all, he is always a pirate. A night of passion brings new understanding and forges a stronger path in their future.

>Warning: at 5K words, this is a short story. To treat yourself to the full-length story of how these two met, please purchase Act of Pardon.