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Staircase Encounter
(Scandalous Shorts, Book 3)

Miranda Ellis Mason Craythorne Goddard finally married the one who got away. Though she and her husband fled to London due to their scandalous taste for a ménage relationship, she considers herself lucky indeed. Securing the amorous interest of two handsome gentlemen is a feat not many women can claim. Except, the third in her trio has been abroad for months.

Mr. John Goddard still can’t believe his good fortune. When Miranda consented to be his wife and make a respectable front with him in London, he’d become the happiest of men. He wants nothing more than to set up a nursery and doesn’t mind the practicing for such a blessing, yet the absence of his good friend has taken a bit of the excitement out of the romps.

Richard Howick, a spy who is rarely on English soil, has come into some free time. He shows up at John’s London townhouse unexpectedly and with an appetite for erotic entertainment. After all, he well and truly won the fair widow the same as his friend. When he catches Miranda unaware and carnal pleasure ensues, the fires burn hotter the moment John joins in.

That encounter on the staircase will change all of their lives forever in ways neither man could ever imagine.

Warning: at 5K words, this is a short story. For longer novels, please browse the Scandal in Surrey collection.