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The Widow's Maestro
(Standalone, Book )

Wishing for change…

Five years of widowhood and the imminent marriage of her son as well as her daughter nearing college age have left Josephine Prescott at loose ends. When a golden-haired rogue, thirteen years her junior, propositions her, she immediately dismisses him. She's a proper Victorian lady after all, yet a lady can only protest so much.

Playing for pleasure…

Benedict Fitzgerald, talented pianist and maestro, wants a new lover and Josephine is ripe for seduction. The age difference intrigues him as does her willingness for sexual adventure, and as the relationship deepens, it plays out like the notes in a beautiful waltz.

Thwarted by circumstance…

Their busy lives don't lead to the scandalous liaison either of them envisioned, and Benedict doesn't count on being so captivated by Josie, or that the stunning widow would embody his musical muse.

Bound by love…

Will their relationship end in a discordant disaster or culminate as a pleasing symphony? Only they can decide.