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Married on a Wicked Morning
(Thieves of the Ton, Book 3)

When the quest for power threatens to put an end to adventuring, only belief in each other can save them.

Two weeks after nearly losing her scandalous earl to a fire, Lady Emmaline Darling is finally marrying him. Almost six months pregnant, all she wants is to enjoy London with her soon-to-be husband and their growing family. Yet this morning isn’t just the dawn of a new adventure in wedded bliss, Miles has pledged to be a second in a duel, which might compromise the new union.

Bad timing, perhaps, but the fifth Earl of Archewyne, Miles Lawrence Hawkins has always been an honorable man, so when his best friend, Viscount Trewellain asked him to stand up as his second after the powerful Duke of Litton challenged him to a duel, how could Miles refuse? Threats made in the Hyde Park fog chills Miles’ blood, especially since an old foe deliberately names Emmaline as a target.

Emmaline and Miles are able to say their vows, but dire events overshadow their joy. A woman with ties to Litton comes to them with a clever plan to finally close the murder of Lord Leventhorpe and enact revenge on those previously untouchable. When secrets threaten to destroy the earl and his new countess, the little band of thieves must put aside their differences and fight to survive the vile plot at play within the ton… but death might be the only option.