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Miss Spencer and the Con Man
(Standalone, Book )

Maybe falling in love is the greatest con of all.

Julia Spencer may be new at her journalist's job, but that doesn’t mean she can’t spot a rat when she sees one. When she investigates a con-artist’s lies, her own terrible past resurfaces. Despite the acute desire she feels for him, she has to decide if he's trustworthy or if he intends to ruin her life.

Tyler Browning needs money—quick. He’s a first-rate fraud who has charm and charisma on his side. After making a hasty promise to a dying friend, hawking a bogus tonic seems the easiest way to meet the financial dilemma. All goes well until a chance meeting with a pretty but far too conscientious reporter sends his plans and passion into a tailspin.

As their unlikely relationship deepens and they give into mutual need, Tyler begins to reap what he’s sowed, while kidnap and extortion schemes push Julia back into her dark past. Together she and Tyler will have to learn to trust each other in order to overcome the obstacles, before they do something they might regret.