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Transformed by a Christmas Star
(Lords of the Night, Book 4.50)

He's angry and questioning, but doomed to be alone... Sir Sebastian George Sutcliffe, Baron Wimsley, is a wolf shifter. He's come to London to demand answers from his half-brother, the Duke of Manchester. On his way to see that austere personage, he spots a shooting star and makes a desperate Christmastide wish he hopes will help him survive his miserable life, but the delicate beauty he finds in Hyde Park might just change everything.

She's lost, but seeks true purpose... Miss Estelle Forbes has been cast from the heavens as a star to escape a dark, desolate future. When she falls to earth, she takes the form of a human without a history or knowledge of the cold world she plunged into. As a handsome stranger rescues her, she immediately feels a strong connection to him. Perhaps her light is meant to guide him.

Love creeps in to save them both... As Sebastian and Estelle learn about each other, they're both forced to confront the difficulties in their lives. Along the way, a courtship happens and brings about a sweet romance to strengthen that invisible bond, but their hidden secrets and old lives threaten the budding happiness. Only a Christmastide miracle can usher in a happily ever after.