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Garbed in Purple
(Colors of Scandal, Book 9)

When in doubt, always do the right thing, especially when love is in the offing.

As the year 1818 comes to an end, Lady Theodosia Cavendish, only daughter to the Marquess of Armestead, pretends to enjoy society's glittering ballrooms and endless rounds of parties, for she has other, more interesting projects to fulfill her. An opponent to the men who build their fortunes on the backs of the slave trade, she makes certain social injustice is always at the forefront in London... even at the expense of her life.

Mr. Samuel Johansen, son of an English lord and a high-born Jamaican lady, is a glassblower by trade and a pugilist by recreation. He's as handsome as sin, which helps in navigating society, for he adores the life of a gentleman, but what he truly desires is a seat in the House of Commons, to fight discrimination, poverty, and class separation by helping to change laws... no matter his own personal battles.

While holiday gaiety mingles with dark hatred, one chance meeting between Theodosia and Samuel spark not only an unlikely romance but also dissention in their world. As their relationship deepens, they court intrigue and danger, and in the process provoke powerful men who wish their secrets to remain just that. When happiness is in their grasp, it's dashed away in an egregious plan by a black hearted peer that changes their lives. Only with hope and love can they finally have their happily ever after.