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One Track Mind
(Singular Sensation, Book 7)

When presented with an opportunity to change, never doubt the serendipity of that boon.

Cecil Pettijohn Fitzwilliam, Viscount Rockwell, is tired of living his life in shame. He was a deserter during the war with Napoleon because he couldn’t bear to kill his fellow man, couldn’t stomach the gruesome carnage, and he’s refused to take up a weapon since. Now that rumors his ducal brother has started a nursery have reached his ears, longing for forgiveness from his brothers-in-arms at the Rogue’s Arcade and a pardon from the Regent might pull him back to London.

Miss Lucy Chappell is the pampered daughter of one of London’s most celebrated jewelers. Her father has made pieces for lofty members of the beau monde who are willing to pay for his creations. After wearing a necklace featuring exquisite pink diamonds to a ball, it makes her an easy target. When she’s kidnapped and left for dead in the Buckinghamshire countryside, she is suddenly found by an unknown but slightly tipsy gentlemen, life grows infinitely stranger. Not to mention the necklace isn’t what she thought.

Needing to dodge scrutiny, Cecil is ready to run again but his damned honor kicks in. He vows to help even if he can’t abide her spoiled attitude, especially when he hears of the pink diamonds. Finally out of her gilded prison, Lucy enthusiastically agrees to his madcap plan to track the men responsible for their current plight, for it’s an adventure. But when heated attraction between them becomes much more, they’ll need to stay ahead of the thieves as well as out of prison if they want have a chance at a normal life.