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Silver Bells Scandal
(Home for the Holidays, Book )

Bonding in grief can bring about a whole new perspective.

Lady Lettice Jonesboro—formerly Ivy—doesn't enjoy Christmastide activities, for they make her remember the loss of her husband too much. Though she remains cheerful for the sake of her small daughter, she wishes she could hide away until after Twelfth Night, but her ducal parents are having none of it. The one thing that makes the holiday bearable is becoming reacquainted with a neighbor and a former chum from her youth.

Courtland Beckwith—Baron Henshaw—has returned to his country estate in the Warwickshire countryside to grieve the death of his father in relative privacy. It's taken him by surprise, and though his sister wishes to join the holiday house party at nearby Ivy Castle, he'd rather remain alone. But when his childhood crush twists her ankle on his driveway as she pays an impromptu visit, he might change his mind.

They each find comfort and understanding regarding the loneliness and muddle of grief; it's made better when an endearing friendship is revived. As Letty and Courtland are thrown together on a sleigh ride, the romance they never had years ago blooms. When they find themselves locked in an attic on Christmas Eve night, long held secrets and hopes in their hearts are revealed, and if the two are brave enough to see past grief and family posturing, they might just grasp a love they've always wanted.