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It Must be Magic
(Entwined Tales, Book 1)

The most powerful form of magic is free will.

Averell Woode is a huntsman’s daughter, hidden away in an enchanted tree from the evils of the world. Though she’s skilled in all things forest-related, she yearns for life beyond the trees. A chance meeting with a stranger seems the perfect opportunity to stretch her wings, and she falls for the charm he wields, especially when an exciting adventure has come to her very doorstep.

Devon James Quinn Lansdowne, the spare prince of Annanvale, is trying to avoid anything that smacks of palace life. He’s not into intrigue or politics and much prefers running free through forested areas especially while in wolf form. Cursed to shift into the beast each night, he’s not looking for romance, but as fate puts him into the path of a woman who draws an arrow on him, he’s only too glad to change his mind.

When Averell is given an ultimatum by an evil queen—kill Prince Charming of Annanvale or face death herself—she wonders if fate is nothing more than dark magic. Quinn can’t let that happen, for Charming is his older brother, but how can he give up one life for the other? As midnight closes in, and at a ball no less, they each must make a choice. If luck—and magic—is on their side, everyone, even love, will survive.