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Redeeming a Tarnished Lord
(Standalone, Book )

Fighting against circumstances can usher in the greatest freedom.

Peter Sammerson, Viscount Bingham, is a man tortured by his past. No matter that he wishes the beau monde would forget what he's done, he can't, and for that there's no peace, and definitely no future. During a walk to a friend's townhouse, he has a heated exchange in the rain with an interesting woman who might change his mind about wanting to avoid the ton altogether.

Miss Katherine Davies is in London to attend her sister's wedding. Confined to a Bath chair due to an accident that left her lower half paralyzed, she still has her independence. A chance encounter with one of London's most scandalous rakes leaves her incensed, but the secrets in his eyes intrigues her and makes her wonder. Yet England's upper crust demands nothing less than perfection, and she is most certainly not.

Despite the chaos from their initial meeting, Peter recognizes a kindred spirit, but he's terrified that when she hears of his terrible past, she'll hate him. While Kate begins to learn about the broken man, her emotions are engaged, yet does he view her as a whole woman? Acceptance, heat, and friendship springs between them, and if fate is kind, two rejects from society might find something more valuable than either of them had ever hoped for.