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Fatal Pursuits
(Standalone, Book )

Everyone makes mistakes. Some can be fatal.

Miss Sophie Henricker might take on male clients and spend time in their beds for trade, but she dreams of writing improvement books for a London publisher. Except, she’s fallen in love with Graham, a man she shouldn’t want.

The Honorable Graham Cranfield is bored with his life. A rake and a third son, he has nothing but time and money on his hands. He wants exclusive rights to Sophie and her lush body. When she declines with words of retirement and he doesn’t offer marriage, she leaves. He’s alone and rejected—and he doesn’t care for it.<

The pursuit begins. With pretty words and charming wiles, Graham chases her through the English countryside and back to London. Passion follows, and every time the sex is better, but the danger grows. The more Sophie flees, the more he chases. There’s nowhere she can run that he won’t find her. Yet the needs of her body are too great to ignore, and when Graham comes up to scratch, she’s more than trapped. The only way out is through a dark path even Sophie fears to tread.