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A Rogue for Lady Peacock
(Standalone, Book )

When a kiss at a masquerade ball leads a roguish lord to Lady Peacock—London’s most curious member of the beau monde—will he have what it takes to keep her for more than a midnight tryst?

If she were honest with herself, Lady Nora Peacock is done with marriage and romance. They only proved a disappointment. Having suffered through a lukewarm union of twenty years, the last thing she wants is another husband. However, after a sensual dance with a stranger, she wouldn’t mind entering into a torrid affair.

Giles Billingsley—11th Viscount of Hadley—is an unrepentant rogue. He’s prided himself on never falling in love, entering parson’s mousetrap, or being with a woman for more than one night. But the moment he meets a mysteriously fascinating woman while at a summer masquerade ball, all of those things start to lose their luster.

What was supposed to be a midnight tryst proves too tempting. Over the course of a month, the two conduct a passionate relationship where they discover truths about each other and themselves that throw their current thinking into jeopardy. But when an innocent stroll through Hyde Park one evening becomes harrowing, only they can decide what their futures will hold and whether love will feature into those plans.