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My Boyfriend is a Paranormal Hottie
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Fatal Pursuits
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03/03/2015Staircase Encounter (E-Book) Release Date
03/03/2015Staircase Encounter (Scandalous Shorts) releases
03/17/2015Unraveled Souls (E-Book) Release Date
03/17/2015Unraveled Souls (Print) Release Date
03/17/2015Release of Unraveled Souls
03/20/2015Girls' Night In Facebook event hosted by Sandra Sookoo and Emma Lai 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST
03/29/2015Promo appearance on the Desert Breeze Publishing blog
04/14/2015Release of A Wolfish Tangle in paperback
06/11/2015Love and Cold Pie (E-Book) Release Date