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Blocking the Bride
(Standalone, Book )

Busting up a wedding has never been so personally satisfying.

Nora “Can’t Say No” Lenhart’s life is way past complicated. Her stress level skyrocketed when she’s appointed maid of honor for the upcoming wedding of the World’s Worst Boss. Plus, her ex is the best man. She’ll need to buy stock in an antacid company as she tries to ditch the green-eyed monster of wedding envy.

Camden Webber is an FBI agent with a massive chip on his shoulder—namely not being able to forget the woman whose usual inability to say no didn’t keep her from shooting down his proposal five years ago. Though he has jaded views on weddings and marriage, he agrees to stand at his best friend’s side. After all, train wrecks are interesting, right?

When Nora and Cam are thrown together at an engagement dinner, despite their tumultuous romantic history, they devise a plan to break up the ill-suited bride and groom. As the big day nears, emotions hit a breaking point, proving that wedding planning is more suited to a reality show and while happy endings are optional, they exist amidst the rubble, if the couple looks hard enough.