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Cook or Say Die
(Unlikely Partners, Book 6)

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Career-minded Agent Daphne Taylor is in crisis mode. A pregnancy test comes back positive, but when she's tapped as a competitor on a cooking reality show, her stress level spikes. Vowing to keep the baby news secret, especially since the father is her partner, Jason, she throws herself into the case to find a murderer.

Geek and tech guru Agent Jason Patterson has been assigned the lead on this new case. Daphne's involvement in a cooking competition is all fun and teasing until a freak accident reveals a staggering secret she was keeping. His feelings of friendship for her grow into something stronger and he wants a shot at that life.

As pressure to solve the case mounts, Jason struggles with his job and romance, while Daphne works through emotions building between them. But their budding love is threatened since the killer is determined to chop them both from life.