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Be Mine, Maybe?
(Standalone, Book )

Love felt a whole lot like PMS—or so Madelyn thought when her childhood friend, Gordy, kissed her.

In the midst of her crumbling business and lackluster love life, he breezes back into town like a snowstorm, with dating on his mind. To top it off, she's got a kinda/sorta boyfriend, a secret admirer who leaves her flowers every day, a cat who's scared of her own shadow, and a singles group that's growing by leaps and bounds.

The question remains: just who is this mysterious love interest? And what will she do about Gordy, the man she never thought she'd have romantic feelings for? Can one go from friends to lovers and have the relationship survive? That's the trouble with love. She'll have to put her brain on auto-pilot and let her heart decide.

Note: this book was originally published as The Trouble With Love