Welcome to my series information page. This is where you’ll find out the latest information on new books that will launch and in which series those books will belong.

At present time, the reading order for the Color of Scandal books (sensual Regency romance) is:

  1. Dressed in White (available now)
  2. Draped in Green (coming July 2020)
  3. Trimmed in Blue (coming September 2020)
  4. Wrapped in Red (coming November 2020)
  5. Graced in Scarlet (coming January 2021)
  6. Adorned in Violet (coming March 2021)

Reading order for the brand-new Fortune and Glory series (spicy Victorian adventure romance)

  1. Enchanted by Moonlight (prequel)
  2. Ladies Prefer Adventure
  3. Scoundrels Prefer Love
  4. Widows Prefer Scandal (coming 2021)
  5. Gentlemen Prefer Daring (coming 2021)

Reading order for the Thieves of the Ton series (sensual Regency romantic suspense)

  1. Captivated by an Adventurous Lady
  2. Engaged to a Scandalous Earl
  3. Married on a Wicked Morning
  4. Intrigued by an Ancient Pedigree
  5. Beguiled on a Christmas Morning (novella)
  6. Caught with a Stolen Diamond
  7. Tortured by a Horrible Secret
  8. Delighted on a Summer Evening (novella)
  9. Trapped in the British Museum (novella)
  10. Charmed at a Yuletide Ball (novella)
  11. Vexed by His Mysterious Past (novella coming 2021)

Reading order for the Lords of the Night series (sensual Regency)

  1. Devil Take the Duke
  2. Bitten by the Earl
  3. Adrift with the Viscount
  4. Treasured by the Earl
  5. Transformed by a Christmas Star (novella)

Reading order for the Scandal in Surrey series (erotic Regency)

  1. Lady Parker's Grand Affair
  2. The Bride's Gambit
  3. Misfortune's Lady
  4. Miss Bennett's Naughty Secret

Reading order for the Scandalous Shorts (short tie-ins to the Scandal in Surrey series) (erotic Regency)

  1. Library Tryst
  2. Bedroom Assignation
  3. Staircase Encounter
  4. Garden Affair

Reader Feedback

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