Come Hither

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Rating: Erotic
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Heroes don’t wear capes and heroines sometimes have fur. This ain’t your grandma’s fairytale.

Riley Hanson has fate by the balls. She's a kick-ass wolf-shifter who's not afraid to tell people off, especially if they try to suggest how to live her life. She lives with her grandma in the Wisconsin woods, hoping to keep the worst of humanity away.

Carson Hoode, the guy every woman wants to talk to but not date, drives a truck for Red Riders Express. Six months off a divorce, the only thing he’s got going for him is a perfect delivery record, except a heavy October downpour and a muddy road threaten it. As he tries to finish his route on foot, he slips and wrenches his knee. The business end of Riley’s rifle closes out his day.

The fur and pheromones fly as Riley and Carson battle their attraction while eluding a back woods hunter intent on bagging more than local wildlife. They’ll need a healthy dose of fairytale magic to survive—too bad there’s no such thing. Now, if only Grandma would give them some privacy because someone’s getting laid at the end.

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E-Book Published (04|16|2012) ISBN 9781595789280

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